Legal and Sustainability Issues for Open Access Infrastructures

Legal and Sustainability Issues for Open Access Infrastructures

Open access infrastructures need to be maintained in the long-run. At present these infrastructures tend to develop within project environments, and approaches in setting them up as permanent infrastructures remains to be answered. In addition, any e-infrastructure which primarily relies on harvesting external data sources (e.g. repositories) need to be fully aware of any legal implications for re-use of this knowledge, and further application by 3rd parties.

OpenAIRE is currently carrying out two studies into these legal and sustainability issues. The legal study will put forward recommendations as to applicable licenses that appropriately address scientific data in the context of OpenAIRE. This study will also examine scope of the database protection right, different types of usage and where re-use infringement might lie.

The sustainability and business model for OpenAIRE study will examine the costs and maintenance of the elements of a permanent infrastructure, identify the key stakeholders and will put forward a viable business model for OpenAIRE.

This workshop intends to present results from these studies and broaden the discussion to involve other stakeholders. For more information, please contact: Mikael Karstensen Elbæk ( or  Najla Rettberg (

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