Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) and Long Stay Visa (D)



If you do not need visa to enter Lithuania (for example, you are from Canada, Korea, Israel, etc.), you can come to Lithuania and stay here for 3 months without visa. If you stay longer than 3 months, you must apply for national visa in Kaunas Migration Office. If you need visa to enter Lithuania, you must apply for national visa in the embassy of Lithuania in your country or in the case of unavailability of it – in the nearest embassy of Lithuania.


You Must submit the following documents:

▶ Passport and its photocopy (passport’s period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least 3 months).

▶ National visa application form filled in block letters in English language (provided by KTU DIR or obtainable at the embassy / its website) including colour photo 35x45mm).

▶ Document proving that you will have enough funds (bank statement or sponsor’s affidavit of support and sponsor’s bank statement or official letter from the University/Ministry/Foundation about the granted scholarship).

▶ Valid health insurance, covering the duration of stay, and its photocopy. The amount of medical insurance coverage should be not less than 30,000 EUR. The health insurance should be for one year (starting from the date of your arrival to Lithuania) or shorter (eg., 6 months) in case of shorter studies.

▶ Admission to the university document (provided by KTUDIR).

▶ Document constituting that applicant will have place of residence while in Lithuania (provided by KTU DIR).

▶ Mediation letter from University (provided by KTU DIR)


Usually visa is issued in 14 days therefore you should apply in advance. National visa is issued free of charge for the period of studies (if you come as an exchange student, the validity of visa corresponds to your study period at KTU) or for 12 month in case of longer studies(degree) at KTU.

▶ If you come for up to 12 months (exchange studiesor internship), this is the last step in migrationprocedures.

▶ If you come for 1.5 – 4 years, after expiration of your visa, you should get temporary residence permit which replaces national visa.




TRP is issued for those who intend to study more than one year in Lithuania. TRP is valid for one year and has to be renewed annually. You should submit the following documents to Kaunas Migration Office at least 4 months before expiration of your national visa:

▶ A valid passport plus a photocopy of all stamped pages of the passport (passport validity must exceed the validity of the obtainable TRP for at least 3 months).

An application form (obtainable at the Migration Office or KTU DIR Office).

▶ One photo (colour).

▶ Bank statement (from a Lithuanian bank in Lithuanian language) showing you have sufficient amount of money to live in Lithuania (no less than 6000 Lt/1740 EUR). The bank statement is valid for 1 month after it is prepared.

▶ Certificate regarding enrolment at KTU and accommodation to KTU dormitory (you will get it from KTU DIR).

▶ Cheque from the bank indicating that you’ve paid 300 Lt for TRP application (receiver: Mokesčių inspekcija; account no. LT247300010112394300; the code of payment 5740).