KTU Signs Quadripartite Agreement on Launching Mobile Applications Lab

KTU Signs Quadripartite Agreement on Launching Mobile Applications Lab

On 12 November, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), UAB Omnitel, UAB App Camp and Samsung Electronics Baltics SIA have signed a quadripartite agreement. The agreement provides the basis for launching the newest mobile application laboratory in Lithuania on 29 November. Established within KTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre the Lab will we equipped with new generation Samsung laptops and tablet PCs, smart TVs and other video equipment.

 Mobile application lab is intended to become a space where students will study modern information and communication technologies, do their practical tasks, while researchers will carry out research and business will deepen their knowledge in mobile telecommunication solutions. The most important research and practice results will be published and introduced to the society.

“I am very pleased that UAB Omnitel and Samsung Electronics Baltics SIA, companies well-known both in Lithuania and worldwide, will not only equip the laboratory, but will also share their experience and knowledge with University’s academic community”, said prof. Petras Baršauskas, the rector of KTU. According to him, this cooperation will provide opportunities to develop and implement international-level mobile application solutions.

“Kaunas University of Technology students have excellent knowledge in IT and telecommunications and have already developed several successful mobile application projects. We are happy that by bringing together business and science and by setting up the mobile application lab we will encourage students to apply their knowledge and ideas, and will also provide them with a place to work and practice where young individuals will be able to learn how to sell their solutions”, said Antanas Zabulis, president of UAB Omnitel.

Joseph Jeongwoo Kim, the president of Samsung Electronics Baltics SIA, joined the event from Tallinn via Skype. “We work closely with research centres, universities and other educational institutions all around the world. And today I am glad to welcome Kaunas University of Technology amongst them. I believe, our common understanding about value of investing in research, innovation, quality of education and active community as well as leadership in areas we are working in are the true reasons which have brought together Samsung, our good partners Omnitel, App camp and Kaunas University of Technology here today”, said Mr. Joseph Jeongwoo Kim.

Mobile application lab will be established in the newly equipped KTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre facilities in Kaunas. Its strategic activities and projects will be headed by the manager appointed by the University. App Camp specialists will share their experience on app development, design and distribution, consult on copyright questions and will help to prepare business strategy and introduce the solutions to the market. UAB Omnitel will provide the lab with fast internet connection and promote the developed software in Lithuania and other countries where TeliaSonera operates. The company will also ensure regular laboratory equipment and software update.


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